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Acoustic insulation can reduce noise transfer both inside and outside your home.
Soundproof Insulation

Acoustic Insulation For Soundproofing Your Home

From traffic sounds and neighbourhood clamour to excess internal echoes in crowded rooms, unwanted noise acts as a major annoyance in almost any setting. To combat noise and increase the serenity of your space, consider adding acoustic insulation to walls and ceilings in your home. Different types of acoustic insulation are designed to deflect, absorb and dissipate noise to keep sound levels at a more manageable level.

Canterbury Insulation are experts in providing soundproof insulation for your home. We offer a free assessment of your property and can advise you on the most appropriate solution for acoustic insulation in Christchurch and beyond. Once soundproof insulation has been installed, you’ll immediately notice the difference. Your house will be quieter and more comfortable to live in and those pesky noises will have gone forever. To learn more about our acoustic insulation in Christchurch and beyond, get in touch with our team today.

High Thermal Performance
Our high performance wall insulation can help to reduce your homes heat loss by over 30%.
Our wall insulation products are Codemark certified and regularly auditied giving you peace of mind.
50 Year
CosyWall Insulatin is highly durable and designed to last the life of your building. It won’t shrink or slump over time!
Wall insulation helps reduce your carbon footprint by improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Why Should You Invest In Acoustic Insulation?

While life can be noisy, soundproof wall insulation is designed to minimise disturbances by absorbing noise. As the leaders in acoustic insulation throughout Christchurch and beyond, the team at Canterbury Insulation are experts in delivering effective and cost-efficient solutions to soundproof your home. There are so many benefits to soundproof insulation including:

  • Reducing outdoor noise pollution from heavy traffic and neighbourhood noises
  • Providing privacy by reducing noise from inside your home travelling outside
  • Creating acoustic zones by designing sound sanctuaries within your home
  • Increasing your home’s energy efficiency by slowing down the flow of heat

Our Acoustic Insulation Installation Process

Soundproof insulation can be installed throughout your home to create a quieter and calmer environment. Soundproof wall insulation can be used in both external and internal walls to combat outdoor noises, while also reducing noise transfer between rooms. If you think your home can’t have soundproof insulation installed because it is an older house, think again. Our team of experts can retrofit acoustic insulation, so whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one, there is no need to put up with unwanted noise pollution. At Canterbury Insulation, we use CosyWall Insulation, which is an innovative dry fibre product that comes with a 50-year guarantee. CosyWall Insulation can be installed in both exterior and interior walls and acts as soundproof wall insulation. To organise a free assessment of your property to determine the best acoustic insulation solution, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the insulation every shrink or slump?

The great thing about CosyWall Insulation is that we install it to such a high density that it’s never going to slump or shink inside your walls.

CosyWall is based on European technology and is proven overseas as well as in New Zealand. The product is not going to deteriorate over time, and once it’s in your walls, it’s there to stay. It will continue performing day in, day out and will never cost you a cent to run.

The result is a much warmer, healthier home that you’ll love to live in!

Talk to the team today about having CosyWall Insulation installed into your home.

Can you install into brick homes?

One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis is if we can install CosyWall Insulation into a brick home. Yes, we can install CosyWall into a brick house, and CosyWall is CodeMark certified to be installed into brick houses.

The product is a specialised German engineered product that’s been designed to be installed into the double brick cavity homes in Europe. CosyWall is designed to go against wet or damp surfaces and includes a water-repellant with specially designed fibers making it ideal for New Zealand brick homes.

What does R-Value mean?

We often get asked about R-values in CosyWall. An R-value is simply a measure of a thermal resistance of an insulation product. The higher the number the better it will retain heat inside your house.

CosyWall Insulation has the highest R-value that’s obtainable in this type of product and is equivalent to the top batts and blown insulation products available in New Zealand.

Can you install from the inside?

CosyWall Insulation can be installed from either the outside or the inside of the house.

Internal installations are usually only done when you’re renovating or redecorating the inside of the home. External installations are much easier and can be done all year round.

Talk to the team at Canterbury Insulation today about installing wall insulation into your home.

How long does it take to install?

Most people are surprised how quickly CosyWall Insulation can be installed. Officially it depends on the size and complexity of your home, but in most cases, the installation can be completed in 1 to 2 days.

No need to head away for the day, however, if so when you return your home will be filled with CosyWall Insulation and you won’t believe the difference!

The Experts In Acoustic Insulation Throughout Christchurch And Beyond

Your home is your sanctuary and it shouldn’t be affected by unwanted noise. Whether you are working, resting or playing, soundproof insulation will greatly impact your comfort and wellbeing in your home. As the leaders in acoustic insulation in and around Christchurch, you can trust the team at Canterbury Insulation to deliver the best solutions to help you create a calm and peaceful home environment. Drop us a line today to learn more about our soundproof insulation solutions and to arrange a quote for your home.

Technical Resources and Brochures
Cosywall Technical Specifications
If you’re after more technical information about CosyWall Insulation download this Technical Data Guide.
Codemark Certification
Here’s the details on the CosyWall Insulation CodeMark certification.
Hear from our clients
Don’t just take our word for it – Here’s what our clients are saying about us!

We have noticed the differnce, we don’t have a lot of heating in the house and have decided we won’t need anything serious now that we have been completely insulated. We will be referring you and your company to all we get the chance too.

Wall Insulation

I have just put CosyWall into my older wooden house which was always colder inside than outside in the winter. The heat pump had to work extra hard but still had to wrap up in a blanket to keep warm.

Guernersey Street
Wall Insulation

I would recommend CosyWall to everyone for a warmer, less draft and quieter better sleep and less worry about power bills that I couldn’t pay. The staff went out of there way to do a excellent job with no stress.

Wall Insulation

Since you have insulated our ceiling and underfloor we have noticed a huge difference in how warm our house is. Thank you to you and your team.

Ceiling and Underfloor Insulation

Thanks for the excellent service, Arron was very conscientious and hard working, he took the time to explain what he was doing a very professional job. He is a real asset to your company, thanks for a warmer house.

Wall and Ceiling Insulation

I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done, please pass my thanks onto your team, they couldn’t of been nicer or more focussed on the work at hand. They answered any questions that I asked and did a great job.

Wall, Ceiling and Underfloor Insulation

Thank you for a stellar job of insulating our walls of our house. Your guys were fast and professional and by the end of the day we noticed a massive difference in how warm our rooms were. Happy to recommend your services.

Wall Insulation

We are very happy with the job the guys did and can definitely feel a big difference, thanks again.

Wall Insulation

10% Price Beat Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Our Price Beat Guarantee applies exclusively to mineral glass wool blown-in ceiling insulation and mineral glass wool blown-in wall insulation. It does not extend to other types of insulation, costs related to consent exemptions, travel, or accommodation.
  2. To be eligible for the Price Beat Guarantee, customers must provide a personalised quote from a competitor that includes:
  • The current advertised price.
  • The square meter area of insulation required.
  • The specified R-Value.
  1. The quote from the competitor must be valid and not have expired.
  2. The Price Beat will be calculated based on the competitor’s advertised price, inclusive of GST.

Additional Terms:

  • Canterbury Insulation reserves the right to modify, end, or revoke our Price Beat Guarantee at any time without prior notice.
  • The Price Beat Guarantee will not apply to competitor’s retail prices that are already discounted.

The team at Canterbury Insulation would love to discuss how we can make a real difference to your home.


The team at Canterbury Insulation would love to discuss how we can make a real difference to your home.