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Trufill® Insulation is a high-performance insulation system. It differs from traditional New Zealand insulation systems like batts or blankets because it’s based on blown insulation.

The benefit of blown insulation is that you typically get superior installed R-Values. This means better installed performance which is achieved because the product gets around all the pipework and electrical wiring with few or no gaps.


Made from non-combustible Glasswool, Trufill® blown insulation is designed for timber frame walls, floors, skillion roofs and ceilings. The system is designed to provide high performance insulation for new build homes, completely filling the roof and ceiling cavities to create a complete thermal barrier for your home.

Ceiling Insulation

Blown at medium density for skillion and open or low for truss.

Wall Insulation

Blown at high density for typical homes or ultra for higher performance.

Midfloor Insulation

Blown at low to medium density depending on reqirements.

Underfloor Insulation

Blown at low to medium density depending on requirements.

About Trufill Insulation

Blown insulation systems have been used internationally for years but you haven’t often seen these systems in New Zealand. New Zealand insulation standards have typically been quite low compared to the rest of the world and builders haven’t needed to look outside established product solutions. Recent changes to the building code mean we’re going to see new high-performance systems introduced to meet the new requirements. Trufill’s blown insulation system is the perfect insulation solution to meet these new standards.

One of the great things about the Trufill® system is its flexibility. It can be used for insulating ceilings, walls, underfloor, midfloor and acoustic applications. The versatility of the system means it can be used across almost all types of building styles and can be blown at different densities and thicknesses to achieve a wide range of installed R-Values. Depending on the type of build, we can configure the system to suit your application.

Trufill® has a nationwide distribution network and can install your house regardless of where it is in New Zealand. If you’re worried about the pending changes to H1 or you’re looking to build a high-performance home please get in touch with us.

Learn more about the Trufill System

The Trufill System

Learn more about the Trufill system and how it's installed into new builds using a specialised installation process. Trufill is the smart insulation choice for New Zealand builders.

Installation Timelapse

Watch Trufill being installed into the walls of a typical new build. This project included a service cavity making the wall thickness 140mm deep and was blown at high density achieving R4.1


Technical Resources and Brochures

Trufill Technical Specifications

If you're after more technical information about Trufill Insulation download this Technical Data Guide.

Hear from our clients

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We have noticed the differnce, we don’t have a lot of heating in the house and have decided we won’t need anything serious now that we have been completely insulated. We will be referring you and your company to all we get the chance too.

Wall Insulation

I have just put CosyWall into my older wooden house which was always colder inside than outside in the winter. The heat pump had to work extra hard but still had to wrap up in a blanket to keep warm.

Guernersey Street
Wall Insulation

I would recommend CosyWall to everyone for a warmer, less draft and quieter better sleep and less worry about power bills that I couldn’t pay. The staff went out of there way to do a excellent job with no stress.

Wall Insulation

Since you have insulated our ceiling and underfloor we have noticed a huge difference in how warm our house is. Thank you to you and your team.

Ceiling and Underfloor Insulation

Thanks for the excellent service, Arron was very conscientious and hard working, he took the time to explain what he was doing a very professional job. He is a real asset to your company, thanks for a warmer house.

Wall and Ceiling Insulation

I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done, please pass my thanks onto your team, they couldn’t of been nicer or more focussed on the work at hand. They answered any questions that I asked and did a great job.

Wall, Ceiling and Underfloor Insulation

Thank you for a stellar job of insulating our walls of our house. Your guys were fast and professional and by the end of the day we noticed a massive difference in how warm our rooms were. Happy to recommend your services.

Wall Insulation

We are very happy with the job the guys did and can definitely feel a big difference, thanks again.

Wall Insulation


The team at Canterbury Insulation would love to discuss how we can make a real difference to your home.


The team at Canterbury Insulation would love to discuss how we can make a real difference to your home.