Here's what you need to know about your insulation responsibilities as a landlord
landlord insulation requirements nz

Insulation Requirements for Landlords

Landlords are responsible for ensuring that the insulation installed in their properties meets the new Residential Tenancy Act insulation requirements for landlords. It is important that you comply with the new regulations, as failure to provide adequate insulation is an unlawful act, and you may be liable for a fine of up to $4,000.

You now need to declare the extent of insulation in your rental property on new tenancy agreements. The new laws require all rental properties* to have underfloor insulation and ceiling insulation.

As a landlord you are permitted to install insulation yourself. However, if you install the insulation incorrectly you can face insurance and liability consequences for faulty or negligent installation. Canterbury Insulation recommends the use of an approved installer, who can guarantee the performance of your installation.

Minimum insulation standards for rental properties

If your insulation doesn’t meet the minimum standards outlaid below, new insulation will have to be installed to the current NZS4246 insulation standards. To ensure the longevity of your rentals insulation, it is recommended that you top up your insulation to the NZS4246 standards regardless of current state.

Canterbury Insulation can help take all the hard work out of this process with a range of insulation products and the highest quality workmanship available, Canterbury Insulation is your best choice to get the job right the first time. We understand that things can get a little bit confusing and are happy to discuss with you the insulation requirements for landlords under the new residential tenancy act to help you better understand your obligations as a landlord.

Every installation we do involves testing the installation with our thermal imaging camera, and we can provide to the landlord a certificate of compliance for the insulation, including what type of insulation is in the walls, ceilings and floors of your home as required in the RTA.

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