Canterbury Insulation have been trusted by families in Canterbury for 15 years to make their home warmer, healthier and more energy efficient.
Family home insulation

Quality Home Insulation

Provides Warmth & Comfort All Year Round

With high performance insulation installed in your home you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment for your family whatever the season outside.

Our range of home insulation products covering ceilings, existing walls, and acoustic insulation, passive homes, and waterproofing systems. These services help to keep your energy bills to a minimum and make your home a warm and comfortable place to live.

The products we use are the only formaldehyde free, non-combustible, water repellent, durable dry-blown home insulation with a trouble free history since 2002 insulating New Zealand homes.

Why Install Thermal Home Insulation Products?

Conduction is the process which occurs when something hot physically touches something cold. Heat moves from the hot surface into the cold one, warming it up. This means in Winter, the warmth inside your home will gradually escape to the outside, leaving your heat source to work overtime to warm your home, while you receive expensive energy bills. To keep this from happening, we have the perfect products and materials that heat can’t move through very easily.

Canterbury Insulation are authorised distributors of CosyWall, Jet Stream Max insulation products and Surfapore Waterproofing Systems. You can be assured you are in safe hands when you choose to work with Canterbury Insulation.

Blown Roof Insulation