GreenStuf Underfloor Insulation

What Is GreenStuf Underfloor Insulation?

GreenStuf underfloor insulation is a 100% polyester thermal and acoustic underfloor insulation material, designed for residential and commercial buildings. GreenStuf underfloor insulation is used around the world to create buildings that are warm, dry, quiet, healthy and energy efficient.

GreenStuf underfloor insulation is made from 100% polyester fibre, bonded using heat instead of traditional chemical binders. Polyester is naturally resistant to fire, moisture, vermin, insects, mould and bacteria, eliminating the need for any chemical additives.

Why Should I Use Greenstuf Underfloor Insulation?

The GreenStuf polyester insulation product range, provide a wide range of thermal and acoustic home insulation products under one brand in the NZ market. This product can be found in many Government and public buildings across NZ including the Beehive, Schools and Hospitals, NZ Fire Service Fire Stations, retail shopping centres, movie theatre complexes, commercial and apartment buildings, and thousands of homes across New Zealand and Australia.

GreenStuf underfloor insulation materials are non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic and safe for anyone coming into contact with them. And that means no nasty itching and scratching and no ongoing health concerns for building occupiers.

To find out more about the detailed product specifications of GreenStuf insulation, you can download or read the Greenstuf-Polyester-Floor-Insulation-Technical-Data-Sheet-Feb15

Greenstuf Underfloor Insulation
Greenstuf Underfloor Insulation Products

GreenStuf Underfloor Insulation